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Orphan Black 1x09 icons

Some textures by fauxism.org (defunct), tiger_tutorials, and iconite.

Total Icon Count: 38


One to the State, and one to the ChurchCollapse )

Elementary icons: 2x01-03

New season, new iconses! :D And this time, one of them is a base, which you may alter.

Total Icon Count: 55


Icons Here!Collapse )

And here"s the base iconCollapse )

Icons: Elementary 1x23-24

This is it! The final icon post for Elementary S1. And this one is huge.

This features textures from tiger_tutorials, shalowater, and bourbonate.

Total Icon Count: 111


You named a bee after me!Collapse )

Icons: Elementary 1x22

Later tonight, or sometime tomorrow, I will have an icon post for 1x23-24 (I'm still making ones for that double bill, and it's going to be a very big post!). For now, enjoy 1x22!

Total Icon Count: 32


Irene.Collapse )

Random actor icon dump

22 - Lotte Verbeek
05 - Tatiana Maslany
04 - Evelyne Brochu
02 - Daniel Mays
12 - Lucy Liu (some pictures found on lucy-liu.org; some textures by shalowater and bourbonate)

Total Icon Count: 45


Enjoy the lovely women (and one bloke)!Collapse )